Greetings in the Awesome Name of JESUS!  Our God continues to show Himself mighty each and every day.  The year of '2016' was great, and even though we certainly faced some challenges, the Lord brought us through!  Our theme last year was "Reaching Forth Into New and Greater Levels in 2016!" While the thought of reaching new heights in God is exciting, and the journey there is not an easy one; however, with His help we press on! As we enter into '2017' we recognize that we're not "There" yet!  With that understanding, our theme for '2017' is "The Work Goes On, The Cause Endures, The Hope Still Lives, and the Vision That God Gives Will Never Die!"  We invite you to come join with us, as we work for the cause, with hope in fulfilling God's given vision for our lives and this church.  May the blessings of God be upon each of you as you strive to fulfill His will for you as well.  "The Lord Is My Portion, Saith My Soul; Therefore Will I Hope In HIM."
Lamentations 3:24

Pastor Ron M. Carson
Message from the Pastor

Pastor Ron Carson